recycle your book

The future of your book is in your hands. If you do not wish to keep your journal we encourage you to recycle it so it may become a product for someone else in the future. ecosystem makes it simple for you to correctly recycle all of the book components.

step 1

Step 1: Prepare the Book

You must separate various components of your book. If you have a hard or flexi cover book separate the cover from the interior pages. Also take off the elastic band and the ribbon bookmark.

step 2

Step 2: Find a Paper Recycler

For interior pages, paper-covered essay book covers and belly bands, simply place the paper into a recycle bin marked for Paper Only.

step 3

Step 3: Other Components

Elastic Band and Ribbon

For your book's elastic band or ribbon, or for the thread in your paper-covered essay book, you may mail the item(s). The pieces will be collected and used in a textile recycling program. To participate, place the item (ribbon bookmark, elastic band and/or thread only) in a letter sized, stamped envelope and send to the address below.

Shrink Wrap

If you wish to recycle your shrink wrap, we have chosen a special grade of plastic film that can be recycled. You may do this by placing it into any recycle bin, marked specifically for plastic products. This shrink wrap may become any variety of recycled plastic products ranging from a plastic bag to plastic lumber used for backyard decking and fencing.

Why Separate the Book Cover?

For the hard and flexi book covers, a special recycling process must be performed to separate the base paper from a latex coating that is added to make your cover durable. When recycled, the latex may be used as an alternative energy source.

To recycle your flexi or hard cover-or your elastic band or ribbon-mail to:

ecosystem Recycling
40 Sawmill Pond Road
Edison, NJ 08817

ecosystem 411

100% post-consumer recycled paper 100% USA made 100% your style

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