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In the life of a recycled ecosystem item, there are three important phases, which impact the product's ecological footprint. They are:

  1. The period prior to manufacturing, which is when an item is various materials, such as milled paper, cover boards, ribbon for the bookmark and the like.
  2. The period in which all materials are processed in different ways, including binding as well as the printing and folding of pages.
  3. The period after the product is made when it must travel from the assembling factory to the retailer's warehouse and/or stores.


All three of these phases are monitored closely to ensure the footprint of each material or process is done in a manner that is the least impact to the environment.

Made in the USA

Made in USA = Smaller Footprint

A critical step in minimizing the footprint is limiting how far products have to travel before they reach the consumer. Making ecosystem products in the USA positively impacts the ecological footprint in all three phases:

  • Raw materials are strategically sourced, printed, bound and finished in specific regions to avoid long travel distances between any two points prior to product completion.
  • The mode of transportation used to move raw materials from one location to another is scrutinized to minimize travel distance between two points.
  • The transportation used prior to completion of a product is continuously studied and adjusted when a more environmentally friendly and efficient option is available.
  • ecosystem carefully considers the final delivery point for that production run. This limits the distance needed to travel from final finishing plant to retail store or distribution center.


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Environmental Benefits

The following environmental savings are achieved by ecosystem products.

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