one color does not fit all

The Colors of ecosystem

The book you carry can be a social statement, even if it's 'basic black' or as we call it 'onyx'. Check out the personalities of the ecosystem colors and see if they fit your own personal style.


It's the new black! Basic, no non-sense, down-to-earth. Somewhat mysterious...on purpose.


A juicy, saturated pink that is 'all that, and then some'. Pretty, but bold; Slightly daring, but still delicate; Can be a little impulsive.


A bright, but balanced blue. Serene with hidden depth and emotion just below the surface; strength with style.


A dynamic and daring orange. Outgoing; not afraid of the spotlight; straight-forward.


A bright and clean green. Positive, concerned and caring. Balanced: likes harmony and stability.


A juicy purple color.


what's your favorite color?

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